Business Service Management

Ever increasing business dependency upon information technology requires IT to be better aligned with the business objectives. IT infrastructure can no longer be managed oblivious to the business perspective and goals.

RapidOSS, as a pragmatic solution, can enable organizations to bring the business context into IT management incrementally by leveraging existing sources of information whenever possible. RapidOSS provides a modeling engine to describe the IT systems, the relationships and dependencies between business services and applications and other infrastructure components.

RapidOSS integration capabilities make it possible to levarage existing data sources to populate the repository. Event management capabilities are used to instrument the objects in the repository and determine the impact of problems on the business services depend on them.

RapidOSS leverages an open web development framework and provides ready to use components to create "single pane of glass" that presents business users information on how IT infrastructure is performing where the problems are and how they are impacting business services.