Event management (Enterprise Event Console)

A single framework to manage the entire IT infrastructure turned up to be a pipe dream. Too costly, too difficult and too painful to buy, implement, and maintain. As a result, most organizations have chosen to implement the best tools (aka best of breed, point solutions) they can find to manage different technology silos and management disciplines. Integration of these tools to provide a cohesive view of the IT infrastructure has become the major challenge for IT organizations as IT systems still need to be managed holistically.

Event management systems (enterprise event consoles) have emerged as the most common/popular approach to address the most pressing needs of IT operations teams. RapidOSS provides powerful event management capabilities to consolidate, filter, normalize, enrich, correlate and present events to users.

Most event management solutions available in the market are highly complex tools, require significant training & specialization, and the skills are not transferable to other similar tools. Directly as a benefit of being built on open web technologies, RapidOSS is much easier to learn, implement and maintain as it does not require learning a proprietary language and technologies. Skills learned using and developing with open web technologies are direclty transferable to RapidOSS.