IT Operations Management Console

RapidOSS is a powerful event management system. However, although it may be a good starting point, traditional event management approach often falls short of supporting IT operations teams effectively.

IT operations teams often face with too many events (referred to as "sea of red" problem). Events are not actionable, and lack context to assist users in understanding what the event means, how important it is, etc. Massive amounts of resources are dedicated to add intelligence to the system to correlate and enrich the events. Event management systems currently in the market often don't have the necessary capabilities, requiring introduction of additional set of tools to purchase, learn and implement.

RapidOSS offers a complete solution, and does not require deploying and learning new technologies, programming languages, or configuration tools, to enhance the solution and make it more useful for IT operations. Built-in modeling engine and federated CMDB capabilities enable RapidOSS to not only consolidate events but also provide context for the events by integrating information from other management systems (inventory/configuration/change/ticketing/provisioning/SLM, etc.). Flexible modeling engine allows representation of the IT infrastructure incrementally, leveraging existing systems, and enabling much better alignment of the IT management tools with the operational processes.