iPhone comes to Netcool

In the previous post, I had discussed why and how we had build a web based UI specifically for iPhone and hinted that this means Netcool users now can work with Netcool from their iPhones. In this post, I'll go further into what this means and how it works.

iphone netcool

- RapidOSS is already integrated with Netcool:

RapidOSS Netcool plugin retrieves events and journals from Netcool, and indexes/stores in RI repository.
Everything in RI repository is instantly searchable hence users can perform google like searches to find the information they need.
Users can view the events through RapidOSS UI (best web based event management console in town bar none, in my not so humble opinion :)
Users can take action to manage the events (acknowledge, suppress, escalate, assign ownership, etc.)

- With the iPhone support, users can now do event management directly from their iPhone. RapidOSS detects iPhone safari web browser and serves the iPhone specific UI to the users. The UI is designed to work like native iPhone application and enables users to browse the events, use pre-saved queries  or perform ad-hoc queries, and take relevant action

- RapidOSS iPhone UI goes beyond providing an iPhone UI for Netcool. RapidOSS integration capabilities enable users to also access other relevant management information such as inventory/configuration data on devices, performance trending graphs etc. directly from the same UI. Just picture that users being able to use their iPhone throughout the IT processes without having to go back to their desktops, and without having to jump from tool to tool to do their jobs!

RapidOSS v3.7 has just been released and includes the iPhone support. Download it here and take it for a spin. If you would like to take a look at a sample implementation, visit the demo our website with your iPhone. And as always, let us know what you think. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts