RapidOSS Features: Open

RapidOSS is an "open project". Not only RapidOSS source code is available as open source, it also leverages existing open source libraries and tools whenever possible, rather than duplicating their functionality. RapidOSS is designed from the ground up to facilitate easy integration with other tools. The server exposes all its functionality through a simple to use web API. RapidOSS components including the Ajax client makes use of this API.

RapidOSS also provides a set of connectors to integrate with other systems. Connectors are ready-to-use components that take care of the most of the tedious, high risk activities, allowing only the business logic to be specified, using a standard scripting language, Groovy. No proprietary languages here.

RapidOSS has a growing list of connectors that already include file, socket, RSS, database (jdbc), EMC/Smarts, IBM/Netcool, etc.

On the client side, an added benefit of using Ajax is to be able to integrate with other web applications easily, using familiar web technologies, rather than proprietary tools common in many solutions. 3rd party client libraries, web pages, etc. can easily be integrated into the user interface. Mashups are possible as the client components provide capability to exchange data.

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