iFountain Open Development Manifesto

Thou shall have unrestricted access to the software
The software products will be available for download from the website without barriers. The community will be able to download and start using the software right away.

Product development will be transparent

Available web/collaboration technologies will be leveraged to take down the walls and facilitate transparency.

Transparency makes it possible for the community to influence the product development in every phase of the product lifecycle.

Actively participate and shape the future

The community members will have their say on the development of the products as active participants. Communication channels will be implemented to enable the community to collaborate and participate in the development of the products. The collective experience of the community members is highly valued and will be harnessed to ensure the products evolve to meet the needs of the community. Necessary tools to facilitate communication and collaboration among the community members will be implemented.

Support for the software will be available

To resolve the problems of the community members is at most priority. Collaboration tools will be implemented to enable the community members to communicate with each other. Direct support from us will also be available for the members who need the assurance that it is someone's job to provide support to them and they do not rely solely on the community for support.

Documentation will be available

Documentation will not be an after thought. Full documentation for the products will be provided on how to configure, how to use and how to extend the solution. The community members will not be left alone to figure out how things work by trial and error.

Open is not a four letter word

The products will be "open"; allowing the community members to extend and customize them to meet their needs.

Open, documented, easy to use APIs will be provided to ensure integration with other solutions, and customization of the solutions.

Products will be "ready to use"

The products will be provided in proper packages that are easy to install and get it up and running. The community members will NOT have to spend endless hours compiling code, figuring out the dependencies, conflicts, etc. The installation of the software will not be a black art.