RapidInsight is now RapidOSS

Careful eyes may have noticed that RapidInsight product has disappeared from our website! Need not worry, it's still alive and kicking :) RapidInsight has just gone through a name change and has become RapidOSS.

We've found out that "Rapid Insight" is a registered trademark of Rapid Insight Inc, and we were asked not to use this name as our product name. That'll teach me to be more careful with trademark searches. Four years ago when we selected this name I had not found this trademark. My guess is that I had not thought of searching it as separate words at the time, and Google did not have much to say either. A useful tip: if you're doing trademark searchs, a new website called Trademarkia is pretty useful.

It'll be tough for us to let go of RapidInsight mentally since we have been using it for quite sometime but we'll manage. King is dead, hail the new king. Please welcome RapidOSS to your IT management arsenal :)