RapidOSS and Netcool - What do you get out of the box?

When you ask a vendor whether their product can do X, what are the chances for the answer to be no? Truth is, if there is any shape or form product can possible do X, regardless of how difficult and painful it may be to do so, the answer would be yes. Hence it is no surprise that people are highly skeptical of any statement made by the vendors.

As a versatile and open solution, RapidOSS is designed to be customizable and extensible to be able to solve wide range of problems.

Fortunately, it also provides a lot of functionality out of the box, and it is designed to be extremely easy to implement. How can we back this claim?

Seeing is believing as they say, so we're starting a series of screencasts to demonstrate the capabilities of RapidOSS. The first set of screencasts is about what RapidOSS provides out of the box when it is used with Netcool. Screencasts include the full installation and configuration process to ensure it is clear how little work is required to implement the solution.

I plan to create screencasts that walk through creation of additional tools, event enrichment, etc. in the near future. Let me know what you'd like to see next!